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  • [REQ] Testers Wanted!

    Through testing we ensure stability of our services!

    You would be surprised but the best quality assurance is still through human testing... not bots. I mean, sure you can spin up a workflow for a solution that can be measured and probed and filtered and whatever else you pragmatically encode in to whatever continuous integration mechanism you choose. Ultimately, our applications and services are used by a human, and humans are creative beings that like to fuck with things or otherwise use the end release in such a way that may have not been thought of by the developer of said application.

    We need testers, good testers, patient testers that will offer great feedback with descriptive problem and bug hunting abilities... Is that you?!

    Our team is presently developing the Devious Client application, and we are looking for strong quality assurance from our community members. However, we need variety in what hardware you have accessible to you, we would ideally be looking for people on different operating systems, or various patch levels to gauge our client application resource handling and software functionality. Please do get in touch via this topic, or private message me for more information on your application.

    Thank you for your interest in this topic!
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