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  • Greetings & Salutations!

    Hello, and welcome to our new and improved website!

    It's been a while since we left but we're on the rise again and bringing with us some great content - both new and old - so I hope that you'll register and stick around with us. Of course, we have loads to share and plenty of great reasons to stay as an active member. However, we are bringing back our premium subscription service for those who wish to help contribute to the community and take advantage of our premium services, as well as unrestricted access to content otherwise not provided to our regular members or forum guests.

    Website Navigation
    Our community members share content in a variety of areas we have categorised, although no content is hosted on this web server, the following structure will outline the content categories that are available. Guest areas are highlighted in green. Registered member areas are highlighted in orange. Premium member areas are highlighted in red. Whilst we try to keep most of our content visible to our guests and regular members, purple areas will require age confirmation.

    |_ Exclusive
    |__ Lounge
    |__ Adult Only
    |___ Pictures
    |___ Videos
    |__ Movies & Television
    |__ Useful Software
    |___ Applications
    |___ Games
    |_ Marketplace
    |__ Buy & Sell
    |__ Trade
    |_ Premium
    |__ V.I.P Area
    |__ Hacking
    |___ Developers
    |___ Hardware
    |___ Software
    |_ Public
    |__ Lobby
    |_ V.I.P
    Root Directory
    . Registered
    . Registered: Age Verified
    .. Registered: Premium
    .. Unregistered: Guests
    ... You Are Here!

    Please use this lobby as an off-topic, publicly accessible viewing area, and post what you wish. Guests are encouraged to sign the Guestbook, and I'll try my best to routinely check back and respond to any queries as I see them, but we will certainly be on the look out for those registered members that show commitment to help spread the word and share with us! Note that our exclusive community has a limited capacity set at one hundred active member accounts. As our capacity is reached, membership is closed and periodic checks are made to gauge user activity. Once registration is opened again we let our quarterly newsletter subscribers know... Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

    You will see changes, content published, re-ordered and then possibly disappearing - but don't worry - we're adding and modifying live now, people!
    Check back regularly, and if you haven't already registered then now would be a very good time to do so! More information on what's coming will be made available to you as and when it has been published, but please do not hesitate to start your own topic if you have registered, and introduce yourself - if you haven't already! There is no censorship here - and I would like to keep it that way, so please be kind and treat others how you wish to be treated yourself.

    ... Above all else, have fun, enjoy your stay - Devious One Hundred
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